About Us


Tai Wah started as a partnership in 1956 with offices in Singapore, Malaysia and Hongkong. Major brands marketed and distributed previously by Tai Wah includes Wella, Ella Bache, Sothys, Nemectron, Takara and 4711.

In 1985, Tai Wah entered into joint ventures with Wella AG in a manufacturing plant in Malaysia and distribution companies in Singapore, Malaysia and Hongkong. Tai Wah has since divested all its interests in these joint ventures.

Over the years, Tai Wah has developed an extensive professional (hair and beauty salon) distribution network in South East Asia and China. It currently markets and distributes the P&G Salon Professional brands (Wella professionals, System Professional, Sebastian Professional, Clairol Professionals and Nioxin), TUFT, Wahl.

Tai Wah entered the Chinese market in the late 1990s and today has interests in manufacturing facilities in China – manufacturing hair equipment like hairdryers, hair irons, and machines for hair and beauty salons. It has developed its own range of hair and beauty equipment, machine and accessories under the TUFT trademark. At the same time it also markets and sell the OEM services of these factories in China.

Tai Wah today has taken a more global view of its business interests and currently services a wide customer base from all over the world in the sale of the products from its manufacturing facilities in China. In addition it is promoting and marketing its own brand of hair and beauty equipment and machines under the TUFT label.

Tai Wah also provides sourcing services to foreign companies interested in selling product to or buying products from China. Foreign companies requiring such services will find Tai Wah’s ability to render effective and reliable communication services and its reputation for honesty and ethical practices together with its fully operational office/showroom in China attractive and suitable to the needs

Our Philosophy

  1. To adopt a 'partners in business' attitude towards all suppliers and customers.
  2. To ensure that consumers are provided with value for money quality products and the highest level of services.
  3. To develop all brands entrsuted upon us to the best of our abilities.
  4. To approach every transaction with honesty and integrity.


Brand information is restricted to Product Managers and immediate superiors.

Facilities in China

In recent years, China has become a very important supplier of machinery, equipment and accessories to the professional hairdressers and beauty therapists. Highly competitive pricing is a very important factor. However, quality control of items purchased from Chinese factories is a problem as is the problem with communication.

Tai Wah is well placed to offers the buyers of machine, equipment and accessories for the hair and beauty salons its services of providing quality hair and beauty machine, equipment, accessories from either out of the two factories that it owned (with Chinese partners) or from other factories that Tai Wah work with.

Buyers can have the choice of either buying directly from the Chinese factories or through Tai Wah Distributors in Singapore. Most buyers have a preference to transact their purchases through Tai Wah in Singapore, as this offers a more secure business arrangement for them. The legal recourse should anything go wrong with the transaction. More importantly Tai Wah provides an insurance cover which is extended to the buyers for product liability insurance of up to S$1 million per claim for all items purchased from Tai Wah.

The facilities owned by Tai Wah in China include:

  1. Mould Making Facilities
  2. Plastic Injections Machines
  3. Line Production Facilities

Presently the facilities produce these quality products:

  1. Hair Dryers
  2. Hair Irons
  3. Trolley
  4. Spa Perm Machine
  5. Misty 380 (An ultrasound Hair Treatment Machine)
  6. Chromo Mist (A vapour Zone using ultrasound technology with Chromotherapy)
  7. Chromo Lift (A Basic Beauty machine incorporating Ultrasonic peeling, Microgalvanic currents, Chromotherapy & Bio electric currents)
  8. Timer

(*You may refer to Prodcuts / Tuft for more information)

With the existing facilities we are technically able to produce a wide variety of machine and hair accessories to meet the needs of the hairdressers.

We have a team of engineers to assist our teams of researchers to update and improve on the range of products we offer to the trade. Separately we have a team of designers and creative personnel to look into the appearance and design of the packaging of our products.

We also provide services to buyers who require our assistance in sourcing products for them in China as well as to act as a channel pf communication with select factories from whom the buyers are already buying products from. Our services extend to providing quality control checks for these buyers.

We market our products through our own brands under the trade name of "TUFT". At the same time our facilities in China also does OEM production for our different buyers. We also work with our buyers to develop products specific to their needs.