Varying length gentle bristles brush with air filled cushion is designed to give comfort in

highest precision and quality. 

Diffuse tangles and knots without damaging scalp and hair.


Double Detangling

Each nylon bristle is specially tufted in two different lengths that bring that most impressive detangling effect in second.

Bio-Tech Bristle 

With a significant break through of material application technology that allow us to blend

Moroccan Argan Oil and Keratin Oil directly with a specially formulated resin.

The bristles of the brush are infused with the wonderous oil treatment without leaving

any residue on your hands.

Air-filled Cushion

The nifty air-filled cushion confroms to the shape of the scalp and reduces any shock that can be caused by intensive or harsh brushing. 

Suitable For All Hair Types

Work well on medium-length and wavy hair

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